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Teaching children sports is not a new concept.  

Teaching children in the ways they learn best is also not a new concept.  

But teaching children sports in the ways they learn best is a new concept.


Sports, reimagined.




Two phases bookend youth sports.  

In many respects, they represent the best sports has to offer.  

On one end is elite sports.  It has largely already been defined.  We know it well.  

And on the other end, there is introductory sports...the early learning phase.

We know very little about it.  





For over a decade,

Jelly Bean Sports has been not only been defining early learning in sports, 

its use of technology has reimaged sports.

Traditional sports tries to conform young children to fit sports, unsuccessfully.

At Jelly Bean Sports, we have conformed sports to fit young children

and the ways they think.



Join us and discover with your child sports done 

the Jelly Bean Way!



Our sports made simple, learning made fun entertainment approach is designed with your child in mind. 

Baseball Classroom Instruction Sample - 2-5 Year Olds - Libertyville, IL (2016)






We produce preschool and early elementary sports content.

Let's Play Series (Soccer) - Animated Classroom Video Learning Content Sample - Produced (2017)




Recent News

Dec 22, 2017
Jelly Bean Family Wins!!!!


On December 22nd, Jelly Bean Family the Herzogs woke up to news trucks in front of their house.  Their family had been a part of ABC 7-Chicago's 2017 Christmas Light Fight.  What an amazing accomplishment to share with the kids.  CONGRATULATIONS HERZOG FAMILY!  WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR PARENTING EXAMPLE!  

Dec 15, 2017
$4 ¡NUEVO! Baloncesto Clase

Round Lake Area Park District

¡NUEVO! Preparativo para el Baloncesto de Jelly Bean en Español 

$4 per clase (6 weeks)

Begins 11 de enero al 15 de febrero 

Dec 15, 2017
$4 ¡NUEVO! Predicción de Fútbol

Round Lake Area Park District 

¡NUEVO! Predicción de Fútbol de Jelly Bean en Español    

$4 per clase (6 weeks)

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